February 9th, 2008

(no subject)

Thing says it's been twenty-five weeks since I've written here. That's like half a year, correct? Not sure what that includes. Did I go over the spring semester fuck-up? The days in the hospital, new blurry tattoos down my left arm and my second system flush? The time living alone where I isolated myself so hard I couldn't keep a job and had to give up and head back South?
Well, that's where I am now, back in Charleston, where winter doesn't happen and my sweaters remain packed in a suitcase. I was smoking about six cigarettes a day by the time I decided I wasn't mature enough to live on my own, not heavy addiction but a noticeable amount for me. I've since given it up and now go to the gym daily to abuse my body in a more productive way. But I always am craving a smoke. See someone in a movie take a drag, hear the word, find myself walking or driving alone and I feel that pull for one. Watching Good Luck and Good Night was painful. But I'm done.
Until Valentine's Day. I'm burning through my requisite six at least alongside a few shots that awful holiday.
But I'm currently working, or will be starting very soon. Good pay, better than I've received to date. Mindless work. But I'll be saving up to convert the shed outside my mom's house into a sort of sculpture studio. Basically buying supplies and some big plastic tanks where I can empty the sludge of the plaster.
Mostly the reason I thought of posting on this thing has to due with me knowing no one in this area. I need someone. Hype Machine is a good companion, but I'm looking for a friend. Also, In Treatment is a good show but man, why does character development always have to center around tragedy. The show is kind of like all those shrink-talks-to-patient plays we read/wrote in school, but not so fucking fascinated with the abnormal. I know the psychiatric visit has become a pretty steady foil in TV shows and maybe some movies, but it's nice to see one limited to sessions. We don't get the story beyond what happens in the office, so we, the viewer, are limited to the information that fits within the very confined space of Paul's interaction with three patients and a couple, as well as his friend/therapist/mentor on Fridays.
Enough advertisement. Someone come fight boredom with me.