no love lost (rufus_mckain) wrote,
no love lost

I feel that this last year was a pretty good one. I started off fat and ended up less fat. I dated a beautiful girl and had a good, complete relationship full of stresses and schedule conflicts, dirty talk and scratching, pregnancy scares and amazing artwork. I decided what I want to do with the rest of my life, as frightening as it is. I gave up a video game that was eating me alive. I fell in love with my teacher and made a family of printmakers. I cut off my hair after eight years of living under it. I stopped feeling ashamed for liking poppy music and rap, for liking cartoons and corny jokes. I lost my fear of feet, or distaste.

For this year, all I want to do is stop spending so much money. And if I have a relationship, which I hope to, to treat her better. To love myself more, more confidence, less worry about the opinions of friends and girlfriends. To be less cautious with my prints. To celebrate the people I appreciate. Less masturbation, more exercise, less smoking, more studio time. Feel sexy.
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