no love lost (rufus_mckain) wrote,
no love lost

I really hate to talk at all about rap, mostly for fear of affirming any stereotypes about black people (which is a constant fight I have with the way I present myself, the things I talk about, the way I behave, etc.) since there's all kinds of confirmation bias to work against and yadda yadda. don't care to go into race shit, but the point is, I've been listening to this J Dilla album "Donuts" and I keep getting grinny and impressed. the man was a genius of his craft, seriously. never have I heard someone have the ability to bring sampling to such a high artform. he is clever with tempos, with repetition, with expectation. it's on par with philip glass in it's manipulative minimalism. no one will see that though, because it's a hip hop producer, not a composer. but he's able to take songs I've heard and mix them into totally new experiences - not simple layering, remixing, a different beat under a different tempo to the same old stuff, but create a wholly original construction. deconstructivism, that's the term I was thinking of while I listened to it. musical architecture, that kind of high art.
and like postmodernists, he's funny. like the song "Two Can Win," which keeps the listener waiting for that line, but just says "Only one can win at loving you" from some old song. he stretches vocals, he repeats phrases and drum beats to the point of them fading out of the listener's consciousness. habituates his audience. I haven't been this impressed with hip hop music since the stuff Dan the Automator did for Deltron 3030.
(sorry about the race stuff, just gets frustrating)
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