no love lost (rufus_mckain) wrote,
no love lost

so I finally put my prints and shit up on my wall. I'm realizing that even though I feel I'm still in a very early exploratory phase, I do like the direction of my work. at least some of it. after Will put up examples of his shit on facebook I got pretty disappointed in my own junk for a couple days. it's been about four days since I've done any sketching. but he's been in school for art for six years now. I just started making images and sculpture two years ago. all of my understanding of visual language was second-hand up until my junior year (besides a drawing course and running around taking snapshots of crap). I compartmentalize things, break every kind of representation into a seperate field and work with them as individual entities that don't interact. which could be seen as juvenille or simplifying, but I'm growing more and more to like.
I don't know. I've been exercising in my bedroom all night and watching this futurama first season I just bought. best purchase I've ever made.
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