no love lost (rufus_mckain) wrote,
no love lost

so I've stopped taking shit so seriously maybe. but I've really needed someone to talk to I guess. is this what people do? just like ignore shit that starts to bother you until it doesn't even register anymore? because that's smart and it seems to be working.
this summer I've lost twenty pounds and can wear medium shirts okay now. I still have an unimpressive stomach but it's all right. I'm getting a job in northampton and I'll be living there for a year or two and trying to find a way to put together a portfolio of sculpture and prints before I start doing the grad school thing.
for I think the first time in a while I've felt it is okay to think women are beautiful and interesting but not feel the need to be in a relationship with one. I'm just not smart enough or experienced enough yet to attempt to cross the gap between the sexes.
(sexes is a palindrommme)
but I would like someone to talk to probably. I haven't been able to really be selfish and just go on about the vapid crap dancing in my head in a while and I get to busy trying to present some sort of image of myself on this thing or to shrinks that I don't think I get out whatever's actually on my head.
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